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Decline in Baseball?

A lot of attention has been made about why baseball attendance has been declining.  Here are a few of my thoughts: Read moreRead more


Free Throws: The Lost Art

After watching the University of Connecticut beat the University of Kentucky in the national championship, I remember the reason why the University of Arizona lost all the games they did…free throws.  The Arizona Wildcats this season was almost unbearably bad at the charity stripe. They narrowly lost to UCLA in the PAC-12 championship because they could not hit a free throw when it counted.  The official box score was UofA 6-16 versus UCLA 21-25. That’s 10 points they left on the floor while they lost by 4 to UCLA.  That was the difference between winning and losing.  UCONN was 10-10 in free throws while Kentucky was 13-24.  Against Wisconsin, UofA was 12-17 while Wisconsin was 10-12.  You say they only missed 5 free throws?  UofA lost by one in overtime.  Those 5 free throws would have been huge.  My general opinion from watching March Madness is that today’s young basketball player comes into college without the fundamental ability to hit a free throw consistently.  Most of these players are good at dunking and laying up but to stop and go through a routine of shooting a free throw has been lost along the way through college.


Initial Impressions with The SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer by Mobiplex



Ever wished there was a way you can look at your swing on a computer just like at the golf store swing simulator?  Well, here is something that I picked up to see how good it is.  The SwingTIP Wireless Golf Swing Analyzer by Mobiplex, Inc.  It’s a little bluetooth device the size of a bottle of eye drops that you attach to the golf shaft right below your grip.  The reason I am taking a look at this device is that it is compatible with Apple iOS and Android 2.3 and above.  Since I only own every Android device ever made, that was an important criteria in purchasing a swing analyzer that works with Android. Read moreRead more


You Want New Headphones To Sound Horrible Out of the Box


Having recently purchased a pair of higher end headphones for my wife, I quickly realized an important point.  Your brand new headphones no matter how expensive or cheap they are will sound muffled and dead the first time you put them on. Read moreRead more


Apple’s Answer to Google’s Project Glass…the iGlasses



Don’t Fall For Cheap Tablets


This week the world descended on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show.  After seeing the tablets unveiled there, I felt compelled to write a commentary about tablets.  Over Christmas break, a lot of family members purchased cheap Android tablets for their family members and kids.  Well, low and behold I spent most of my Christmas trying to help and explain to people why they cannot install Angry Birds on their tablet. Read moreRead more


Its Been a Little Quiet

So if you noticed, its been over a month since I had a post on my blog.  Well the reason for that?  We had a new baby boy introduced into our family.  Since this is our first child, life has been a little hectic.  Between keeping the kid from crying, we have been dealing with Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Hopefully, I will be having more time to dedicate to this blog again.


Phoenix Comicon 2013 – May 23-26

It’s a little early but the Phoenix Comicon crew have begun announcing special guests for the ‘Con. Folks from Stargate, Babylon 5, and the Walking Dead will be making an appearance at the Phoenix Convention Center. This will be the second year that I will have the pleasure to go to. If you have never been to a Comicon before, you don’t know what you are missing. There will be a lot of people taking part in cosplay (aka wearing a costume of your favorite comic book hero/villain). Read moreRead more


Current State of Affairs Between Humanity, Avengers, and X-Men/Mutants

Having just finished reading the Marvel series “Avengers vs X-Men and all of its sub-stories, I have really found myself at a loss with the status of the X-Men.  To recap basically what happen, The Phoenix force came down to earth, got both the Avengers and X-Men worked up, Phoenix Force was absorbed into five X-Men (Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Namor, and Magik), Cyclops gains the Phoenix force from the other 4 X-Men, Cyclops kills Professor Xavier, Hope and Scarlet Witch combines to take out Cyclops, Hope absorbs the Phoenix Force, Hope goes and fixes the wrong doings, Scarlet Witch says no more Phoenix, Cyclops is arrested, and there are mutants back on earth.  Phew. Read moreRead more


Why Do People Not Take Advantage of Mail-In Balloting

I do not understand why more people do not take advantage of the mail-in balloting process.  Yes voting for President, Senate, and House Representatives are pretty easy.  Everyone has seen the ads and pretty much have made up their mind who they want to vote for.  But there is one component of voting that I am sure will make you think twice…propositions. Read moreRead more

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