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November 7, 2012

Why Do People Not Take Advantage of Mail-In Balloting

I do not understand why more people do not take advantage of the mail-in balloting process.  Yes voting for President, Senate, and House Representatives are pretty easy.  Everyone has seen the ads and pretty much have made up their mind who they want to vote for.  But there is one component of voting that I am sure will make you think twice…propositions.

I do not know how many your state has but here in Arizona, there were about 10 to 15 propositions you have to make a decision on.  Some of the propositions are worded cryptically and is particularly very confusing if you are standing at a polling booth knowing that there is a huge line waiting for you to finish.

A lot of these propositions involve taxes for streets, education, and public services.  Some involve social issues that would have an effect on the way laws are enforced.  Every voter should receive a booklet describing each proposition and arguments for and against each proposition.  If you did not read that booklet and head to a polling site and attempt to make decisions on the fly, you potentially are making a huge mistake.

To solve this problem, early mail-in balloting was invented.  This allows you to take your time and read, study, research, and discuss each proposition.  I cannot tell you how many times I have read a proposition and thought to myself what a great idea.  Then you read the arguments against the proposition and after understanding the consequences of passing a proposition, I have voted against it.

There has always been the default logic while voting.  If the proposition does not make you 100% agree, then you should vote no.  However, you may be short selling yourself by doing this.  Perhaps you do not agree with a 1% sales tax increase and your initial instinct is to vote no.  However, doing further research unveils that the increase in sales tax may produce more jobs or provides you with a lifesaving benefit.  Therefore it is important to take the time and understand each proposition.

I guess the moral of this blog is that you should really consider early balloting and take the time to make decisions that will affect your family and others in a positive way.

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