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Archive for April, 2013


Initial Impressions with The SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer by Mobiplex



Ever wished there was a way you can look at your swing on a computer just like at the golf store swing simulator?  Well, here is something that I picked up to see how good it is.  The SwingTIP Wireless Golf Swing Analyzer by Mobiplex, Inc.  It’s a little bluetooth device the size of a bottle of eye drops that you attach to the golf shaft right below your grip.  The reason I am taking a look at this device is that it is compatible with Apple iOS and Android 2.3 and above.  Since I only own every Android device ever made, that was an important criteria in purchasing a swing analyzer that works with Android. Read moreRead more


You Want New Headphones To Sound Horrible Out of the Box


Having recently purchased a pair of higher end headphones for my wife, I quickly realized an important point.  Your brand new headphones no matter how expensive or cheap they are will sound muffled and dead the first time you put them on. Read moreRead more


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