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April 30, 2013


Initial Impressions with The SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer by Mobiplex



Ever wished there was a way you can look at your swing on a computer just like at the golf store swing simulator?  Well, here is something that I picked up to see how good it is.  The SwingTIP Wireless Golf Swing Analyzer by Mobiplex, Inc.  It’s a little bluetooth device the size of a bottle of eye drops that you attach to the golf shaft right below your grip.  The reason I am taking a look at this device is that it is compatible with Apple iOS and Android 2.3 and above.  Since I only own every Android device ever made, that was an important criteria in purchasing a swing analyzer that works with Android.

The clip system that connects the bluetooth receiver to the golf shaft at first glance seems a bit fragile but does the job.  Since I have only had this swing analyzer for a few hours, I cannot comment on its longevity.  After letting the SwingTip charge for 2 hours, I attached it to my golf club, downloaded the app from the Google Play Store, and paired the SwingTip to my phone and I began to swing away in my living room.  Low and behold, every swing I took was registering as a practice swing.  I soon found out after reading some reviews on Amazon that you need to hit an actual golf ball of some sort for the SwingTip to register the swing. To my dismay, I have not been able to see my “practice swing” on my phone.  Since I have not had the chance to make it down to a driving range, I will have to wait a little longer to see how accurate and good this SwingTip system is.

I have contacted Mobiplex and they said that in a future software release, the ability to record practice swings will be added.  The original reason I purchased the SwingTip was that I wanted to see how my swing path and tempo was at home in my living room.  So until I can make it out to the driving range or the software is updated to allow the recording of practice swings, I will have to revisit the SwingTip and write up a formal review at a later time.

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