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April 8, 2014

Free Throws: The Lost Art

After watching the University of Connecticut beat the University of Kentucky in the national championship, I remember the reason why the University of Arizona lost all the games they did…free throws.  The Arizona Wildcats this season was almost unbearably bad at the charity stripe. They narrowly lost to UCLA in the PAC-12 championship because they could not hit a free throw when it counted.  The official box score was UofA 6-16 versus UCLA 21-25. That’s 10 points they left on the floor while they lost by 4 to UCLA.  That was the difference between winning and losing.  UCONN was 10-10 in free throws while Kentucky was 13-24.  Against Wisconsin, UofA was 12-17 while Wisconsin was 10-12.  You say they only missed 5 free throws?  UofA lost by one in overtime.  Those 5 free throws would have been huge.  My general opinion from watching March Madness is that today’s young basketball player comes into college without the fundamental ability to hit a free throw consistently.  Most of these players are good at dunking and laying up but to stop and go through a routine of shooting a free throw has been lost along the way through college.

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