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I Went, I Saw, I Conquered the Tucson Comic-Con 2012

Tucson Comic-Con 2012 has come and passed.  However, it was a very interesting event.  Besides the cosplay and the silliness such as two young ladies dressed as Catwoman rolling on the ground fighting each other for a ball of yarn, what was amazing was the affordability of artwork at the comic-con.  You would think that you would be spending a lot of money for a drawing of Spiderman or Batman.
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BOB Revolution SE Stroller…Is It Worth The Hype (Price)

If you do not know, we are expecting a child.  With a child comes buying baby stuff.  One of the things we are having a tough time with is the stroller.  There are so many options out there from color, style, and frame metal material.  I had made up my mind that I wanted a specific style of stroller…the jogger.  So many times I have seen parents struggle with pushing strollers through gravel, dirt, uneven pavement, and potholes.  Especially in Tucson, there are no smooth roads (just ask my recently departed Monroe Sensa-trac struts on my car).  So I definitely am looking at strollers with larger wheels that is nimble and portable. Read moreRead more


My Thoughts on How to Correct the Motorola Bionic Debacle

As an owner of the Motorola Droid Bionic, I am understandably frustrated.  I was one of the early adopters of this phone because for a long time it was touted as the greatest thing to happen to the smartphone industry.  In all fairness, the Bionic is a good phone.  It has some hardware flaws but the biggest flaw of them all is the software.  Read moreRead more


Share Full Sized Photos on Instagram Without Cropping

Have you ever used Instagram and said to yourself “I wish I could share this entire photo instead of cropping a square out of the photo?”  I say this every time I want to share a photo on Instagram.  Well, low and behold, a solution in a form of an app is here to save the day. Read moreRead more


Complications with Flashing Galaxy Nexus Factory Images and Windows7 64-bit

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, chances are you have had a chance to tinker with the adb/fastboot command line stuff.  Countless websites on the internet have documented how to unlock the bootloader, root, unroot, and relock the bootloader.  I am going to address the issues I had loading the stock factory image back onto the Galaxy Nexus. Read moreRead more


Savage Arms and Weaver Optics Initial Review

Savage Arms Axis .223
Weaver Optics Kaspa 3-12x50mm Ballistic-X
UTG Tactical Op Bipod

Coming from a Savage Arms Mark II .22lr purchased at Wal-Mart, I already knew the build quality and durability of Savage Arms rifles.  That is why I decided on purchasing a higher-powered rifle made by Savage Arms.  There are many options in the .223 caliber variety.  The reason I chose the .223 was solely on the fact that it was cheaper to shoot compared to .243 .270 30-06 or .308.

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My Quick Thought on the iPhone5

I know I might be an Android fanboy or Apple hater but I seriously was interested in what Apple was going to release in the iPhone5. Everyone knows that competition is healthy (except for Apple and their lawyers) and competition brings ingenuity. Apple was a company that pushed the envelop and brought “state of the art” technology to the consumers. However, they have been kind of slacking lately. Read moreRead more


Tucson Comic Con 2012

Yes Tucson, we are big time too. We have our own Comic-Con and it is going to be held at the Tucson Convention Center this year. Come out and support your local comic book stores and meet great artist and score some cool stuff. I know I’ll definitely be there.


Football Football Football

What have we learned in the past few weeks? Football is back! Whether or not its College or the NFL, the excitement of football has taken over the airwaves. The University of Arizona Wildcats football team has made a splash in the PAC-12 and the NFL is in full stride. The excitement of either going to the games or watching the games on Saturday and Sunday is overwhelming. The passion is back.


You Should Consider the Asus Google Nexus 7 as Your Next Tablet Purchase

So I have been holding out on purchasing a tablet mainly because of price. I really did not want to fork out over $400+ to obtain an iPad and I definitely did not want to cough up $500+ for an Android tablet.

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