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About Me

The story begins in Anaheim, California where I was born and raised by two imigrant parents displaced by the Vietnam War. While in California, my dad worked hard to work full time and attend California State University full time to complete his Bachelors of Science and Master of Science. My mom sacraficed her career to stay home and take care of me while I was a wee one.

After a short period of time, my parents made the journey from the west coast to the east coast and landed in Boston, Massachusetts. For the next 13 years in the Massachusetts area a few major milestones in my life occured. My dad completed his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts and I routinely got my butt kicked in school. I grew up as that nerdy kid who everyone liked to pick on. It wasn’t until 6th grade where I learned to defend myself against bullies.

My parents decided to move out of their one bedroom apartment in Lowell, Massachusetts and purchase a home in Londonderry, New Hampshire. This is where I was beginning to express my skills in mathematics and science. During high school, I was accelerated through the ranks into upper classmen math and science class. We moved to Central Square, New York my senior year in high school and that was supposed to be a tramatic event in my childhood. However, I took advantage of this change and made the best of it. I was recruited to the Math team where I finished 4th in the state of New York Math Competition held that year. I was also ranked top in my class, however, I was not eligible for any recognition due to my short time at Central Square.

This however landed me an acceptance letter to Syracuse University where I spent my freshman year studying Computer Engineering. However, after one year at Syracuse University, I decided to transfer to sunny Tucson, Arizona where I completed my Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering with Minors in Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Computer Science at The University of Arizona. During that time I was an active member of Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity and made it up the ranks to Corresponding Secretary. During this time period, I also won 3rd place for my design of “Robo-Flame” for the MicroElectronics Design class.

This landed me a job with a local Defense contractor where I have been working since. Shortly after I have started working, I decided to get my company to pay for my studies towards an advance degree. A few years later I successfully completed my Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering at The University of Arizona. Since achieving my Masters, I have taken part in numerious lead positions in algorithm development , performance analysis, and system integration.

After my mom past away in 2006, I decided to pursue a home based business in golf clubmaking. The reasoning behind this was that my mom always wanted to play golf but never got the chance to realize this dream before she died. Therefore, I took interest in the game and quickly realize how expensive golf clubs are. I researched cheap ways of getting golf clubs and hence begins my career in clubmaking.

I naturally spent time and money to learn and invest in clubmaking supplies and tools. Since I had most of the basic tools to successfully build golf clubs, I started the company BAHL, LLC to provide services to everyday golfers. I wanted to bring new affordable technology to the average golfer and educate the golfer on why standard off the shelf golf clubs may not be suitable for everyone. Ever since this point, I have learned the skills of clubfitting and fine tuned my skills as a clubmaker also.

Recently I have taken great interest in the Android Mobile Operating system.  Having owned more than a handful of smartphones, the unlimited possibilities that can be done on a smartphone has wowed me.  Now that I have had the chance to follow and actively participate in testing and debugging software for Android, I felt it is time for me to begin developing on the Android platform.  Android has opened an exciting door to what can be done to help people’s every day life.


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