New Addition to Music Family

Don’t you hate it when you go somewhere for a stroll out in the town and end up coming home with an unexpected purchase? Well that happened recently and after picking up some new strings for a guitar repair, we ended up falling in love with this Gretsch Streamliner in Turquoise Blue. After playing it… Continue reading New Addition to Music Family

Learning How To Use a DAW

Digital Audio Workspace. That is what DAW stands for and it is used to record audio from a USB audio interface. I purchased a couple of USB audio interfaces and for this night, I tried using the Behringer U-Phoria UM2 USB audio Interface paired with a Shure MV7X microphone. The DAW that I am trying… Continue reading Learning How To Use a DAW

Ukulele Day 2

So I decided to take this ukulele playing more seriously than yesterday and actually focused on trying to transition chords more smoothly. Tried recording this effort and although the transitioning is much faster, hearing the felt pick picking the notes is super annoying me.

Teton Ukulele

So I did a thing. The kiddo said he wanted a ukulele to practice for his class performance. I got an Alkemi Uke. Being the nosey person that I am, I kept playing with it for a while. So I decided to get one for myself. Ended up with a Teton Solid Mahogany Concert Sized… Continue reading Teton Ukulele

Very First Blog Post

Hello all! Website is “again” taking another transformation. More info coming soon!